Discover Useful Tips to Try Out When Your Next Mobile Cell Phone Drops in Water Or Any Other Liquid

March 13th, 2021 by dayat No comments »

Most of us have come to realize the role a GSM mobile phone plays in our lives and the things we get to do daily whether we are at home, at work, on a journey, at the playground, onshore, offshore, when we are out camping or when in the mountains, while in the tube downtown or at any other place or location. A lot of us guard and protect our handsets with jealousy and the reasons for this show of possessiveness vary from one individual to another.

One, because a cell phone helps with our communication needs whether with a friend, a family member or a long distance relation, your spouse or fiancee, a coworker or a business associate. Mobile Cell Phones make communication over short and/or long distances easier.

Two, handsets are oftentimes used as ‘a personal assistant’ to take down short notes or briefs, note down appointments, programmed as a reminder or alarm to signal when the time for an event is near or close. Some Parents have been known to remember when to pick up their children in school as opposed to being engrossed in their busy lifestyles daily- a trend that has left many kids waiting for daddy or mummy to come pick them up late.

Three, GSM mobile phones also serve the purpose of a handy entertainment studio simply because you get to carry your playlist, videos, photo album, etc with you stored on your handset. You can get to enjoy any of these at will and for as long as you like or your mobile handset battery will maintain it powered on.

These are just but a few functions mobile cell phones are used for. However, mistakes do happen and you are bound to make mistakes that will soon put your precious gadget at risk. One of such is getting it wet or allowing it come in contact with water or any other liquid for that matter. There are quite a number of places where this can happen. You can try brainstorm for a few of such places yourself. But when you do mistakenly get it wet or soaked, what do you do?

One, do not panic.
Two, try recover or retrieve it from the liquid or water fast or ‘ASAP’.
Three, open the back cover and remove the battery.
Four, extract or remove the SIM card and any memory card (if your mobile cell phone uses one).
Five, allow the water/liquid to drip out for a while and/or dry off.
Wait a day or two before inserting the battery back and you attempt to power/switch it on again.
You will really need to exercise some patience and resist the urge to TRY POWER YOUR MOBILE CELL PHONE ON immediately you recover it from water/liquid dropped in or else you might permanently damage your handset for good due to Short Circuit fault.

Most GSM cellphones which dropped in water/liquid could have been saved if only these basic tips were known and also followed. Now that you know these, go help someone out there the next moment you hear of or see a mobile cell phone drop in water or any other liquid. If the above shared tips fail to get your GSM cellphone restored consult a mobile cell phone repairer or service center and get your handset fixed.